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Old 26-05-16, 09:58 PM
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Hey Mayhems, bring back original Aurora!

I recently updated my water loop with Aurora 2 after running original Aurora Supernova, how disappointing! Aurora 2 is thin, weak, watered down. Original Aurora is thick, creamy, rich, mesmerizing to watch with its silvery swirls. No wonder people don't bother with Aurora 2, or make videos to show off in their rigs. Tons of Youtube Aurora videos (2012-2013), no Aurora 2 videos. After several weeks of use, no ill side effects.
I contacted Mayhems rep Ian and he sent me a fresh bottle of genuine original Aurora Supernova White Concentrate which Mayhems whipped up due to my complaint. Ian assured me that Mayhems will bring back original Aurora if there's an interest, so please contact Ian or Mick at [email protected]


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Old 11-06-16, 10:59 PM
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Ian harassed me for the formula for the original Aurora till i gave him it and he worked you up a copy of it in the lab the other week. Obv it came with no warranty and ian quite enjoyed doing it .

We have sat and spoke about it how ever the issue i have is the amount of people we have to deal with regarding how to get it to work correctly. But ....... I am working on a new version based on the old style size but using a new stabilizer and suspension techniques. I am also looking into nano dot techniques.

Btw to finish off! yes i agree old Aurora looks better new Aurora looks faded but works better.
All support is now handled direct at http://support.mayhems.net/
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