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Old 16-01-18, 03:01 AM
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Overclocking for Simpletons

Maximus Hero X , 8700K and Corsair H115i ( with fans top and bottom )

Its a cool day before the furnace returns and PC is only put together recently. Just used CPU-Z and did the stress test at stock and now I want to try a mild overclock and am pretty much a novice at this. So thinking maybe an o/c to 4.7 and see how it goes


So what settings in the BIOS do I change.....change it 47x100 somewhere but then what voltages do I adjust ( must admit have no idea here ) ?

ignore temps of 127C as it only happens when CPU-Z is fired up ( have reported the bug )

and just for knowledge, what advantages other then benchmarks would a 5.0 oclock have over a 4.7 ?

btw: didn't download or install any of the Asus software except for Aura which I removed anyway. I would ask is it better to use the Asus O/C software but I think I know that TTL would scream "no"

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Old 16-01-18, 05:40 AM
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Tom's video. It is for older CPUs but it is the same principle. Good to learn the basics.

Der8auer's video. If you want simple solution.

Pretty good OC guide with a lot of stuff explained.


Go trough those, and if you have more specific questions we will find solution. It is too big, and tailored to each PC subject for someone to tell you do this, that, and those.

Good luck.

Edit: For advantages it depends on what you use PC for. In games you will have few more frames, depending on the game. Nothing major. If you do some production stuff, you can see benefits in some workloads. Especially in those which are single thread focused (Adobe, AutoCAD Revit, Music production,...).
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Old 16-01-18, 07:46 AM
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Thanks Avet

what tools would you now use to monitor things like temps and graphs?

had googled the HeroX youtube before and I could just copy what he is doing without knowing much why ? and even had a look at a great delidding vid but when you are all thumbs I will leave that to others :-)

Tom's video is a bit out of date and hard to see the settings but I get a rough idea.

I assume I have Turbo Boost enabled or something like that in thew BIOS because under stress testing in cpu-z it shows as 43 at 1.20 volts and was thinking maybe multiplier at 47 at 1.20 volts.

Actually may leave it all alone until I get my other PC working ( killed the mobo ) so I am not left without my lifeline

edit: and for TTL, its about time you did another of these youtube vids and the Maximus Hero X would be a good one to show your teaching skills on
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Old 16-01-18, 08:12 AM
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CoreTemp with CPU-Z for voltage monitoring if you want something simple, HWiNFO64 in sensors mode if you want all the details. Latter can be quite overwhelming at first but it'll show exactly why your CPU won't run at maximum ratio if that's the case, making troubleshooting easier. For example if your CPU is running against the power limit it might not be immediately obvious when your temps are fine yet your multiplier tanks.

Then again if you up the power limits in UEFI as Der8auer described, you won't run into that issue anyway.
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