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The Forest Game Review/Introduction

Welcome to The Forest.

The Forest is a 1st person survival horror which takes place on what appears to be a largely untouched island paradise who's sole inhabitants are the native cannibal tribes and plethora of wild animals, just how did we come to be here? Well the opening scene throws you right into the fray and explains everything... rather quickly I might add. While enjoying your inflight meal, a child called Timmy we suspect to be your son or nephew (who knows) clutches your arm sleeping until the proverbial hits the air circulator. Something unfortunate occurs causing the plane to tear in two and you're now just along for the ride.. fade to black.

You wake to witness a red painted native lift the child and abscond.. again we black out.

Wakey wakey! We're not dead, it's game time.

So where are we and what do we do now? That is entirely up to you, you could go do the honorable thing and search for little Timmy or spend your time here exploring the surrounding area for days on end before remembering there was something you were looking for (Cough Fallout 4). Now before you go gallivanting off on your own for wander, bare in mind this island is huge!, there are one or two things your going to have to pay close attention too.

Survival 101:

Stay warm
Shelter, fire and clothing upgrades will help here, you'll find a whole host of things you can build within the diary.
Never forget to always keep hydrated or you will eventually circum to a serious case of death, you can take care of this by way of scattered cases containing soda or booze although you should look at crafting something to collect fresh water.
Just like Thirst you'll need food if you're going to survive this hostile terrain, your not going to be able to live off airline food forever so you'd better hone those hunting skills and give up the vegetarian lifestyle, almost all of the islands wildlife will become your new diet.
Arm yourself!
No doubt about it you will need to arm yourself, if the elements don't kill you, the local wild life or native cannibal inhabitants will gladly pluck out your eyes and eat them for jujubes.

So how do we go about this art of survival in such a hostile place, well this where the game has it's own crafting system for you to rely on. On your person you will discover a diary of craftable items, this book also contains all the information you discover along your travels including your body stats and general heath demeanor, alternatively you have the crafting screen which is just a tarp with all your inventory items laid out. Now by selecting certain items within the inventory and combining them you can create new and wonderfully helpful items to aid you on your journey like a new Axe, by using a combination of stone + stick + rope you are one step closer to becoming a modern stone age badass. Many other items can be made in this way from explosives, weapons, tools, medicine, energy foods and even paint.

Crafting items such as shelters, walls, defenses, even complex buildings should you wish takes much more time and effort, luckily resources are abundant what with this being an untouched landscape and all, so start chopping down trees and collecting those rocks and you'll have a castle of your very own in no time at all.

Oh yeah.. what were we doing again? Oh Timmy of cause, that's why we're still alive. While exploring the vastness of the island we now call home there are many beautiful locations to visit from the dense "ultra grass©" forests, to the open plains rolling to the shores, then there are the lakes and frozen hills creeping up the mountain sides. Strewn across this landscape are hints and clues pertaining to little Timmys whereabouts and also the fate of the other passengers who crashed with you along with some unfortunates that explored ages before.

Oh caves! did I mention the caves? The whole island sits atop a honeycomb of cave systems, these are dark... very dark, atmospheric and full of clues, cannibals and goodies but only if your good enough and have the staying power to survive long enough. You will need your wits and be warned you will spend a huge amount of time exploring these caverns so go prepared (I mean prepared too).

I think I've covered all the basics, so I'll leave this review/introduction to The Forest here..

...Forgot the Cannibals, Ooops. They are smashing folk, very neighborly you'll love them.

It isn't very often I get addicted to a game let alone excited over a game I'd never heard of until 3 weeks ago, also take into consideration that this is a closed Alpha game which I rarely look at anymore, but! After a session watching Virgo4U playing this on the AMD twitch stream I was sold, almost. I still required a little incentive to take the plunge and drop some cash on an Alpha release, after reading what seemed like a Tolken load of reviews and change logs I jumped right in throwing my Paypal details at Steam with reckless abandon. As far as I'm concerned this is a winner and I find myself coming back to this game time and again, if not for the crafting I enjoy the random exploration that it offers especially with the multiplayer option. Myself, K1lbane, Tripp, Remember300 and MrKambo have all had laughs, scares and shocks at this game and for just £10 I already feel I've had my moneys worth and more from it. Like I said earlier I'm not a fan of Alpha games like I used to be, there have been many go on sale through Steam and they are absolute let downs which get dropped or they progress so slowly it's like they'll never see the light of day, The Forest however is constantly moving forward receiving regular updates with fresh content every 2-3 weeks and will be released as public Alpha in 5 days time.

It has to be said that for such a simple concept, Endnight Games have created a fantastic Horror/Survival/Free Roam/Crafting game of which I'll be supporting them in future for sure, I whole heartedly recommend this title to anyone who has been looking at buying it, you won't be disappointed.

Steam Link


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Old 04-03-16, 09:45 AM
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solid write up dude
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Old 04-03-16, 09:48 AM
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Nice review
Twitter - @WYP_PC
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Nice review dude. Really highlights a lot of the features in the game. Only full on survival game I have really got into.
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Old 04-03-16, 03:30 PM
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Thanks guys, I wanted to go full retard on the review but once I'd gotten half way through it, it started to sound like a guide. So decided on a mix and tried hard not to give too much of the game away, while keeping the important areas covered.
“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” ~ Albert Einstein
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Good review, I have this but haven't tried co-op, if anyone has it, add me on steam TalllPaul
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