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Old 28-05-20, 01:04 PM
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Nvidia's changing its Geforce Now tactics, over 80 games will be removed as a result

Developers and publishers now have full control.

Read more about Nvidia changing its tactic with Geforce Now and its planned removal of over 80 games.

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Old 01-06-20, 11:23 AM
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Anyone else mind if I use there products to advertise my own business?
Oh sorry im already doing it, if you notice then you can complain and ill remove it but only if you complain, otherwise I going to freeload off your brands, artwork and business reputation to make my own money.

My point is, Had I used the Nvidia/GeForce for anything without their permission, I could end up in court. They did the same thing with SLI support during the z77 faze. MSI offered SLI support on there whole range of GD boards but as MSI didn't get permission (Pay) Nvidia they had to remove the branding and were not allowed to print the SLI logo on the boards they had not paid to. Nvidia are reaping what the sowed here. Despite them probably being in a great position to offer a great experience, perhaps if they hadn't charged these companies a fortune to add "Nvidia, the way its meant to be played" to their games these publishers might not have reacted as harshly as they have. Treat people how you want to be treated.
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