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Old 18-02-21, 03:46 PM
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"GeForce Is Made for Gaming" - Nvidia cripples to RTX 3060 GPU's Crypto mining perf

Nvidia's working on new CMP Mining products.

Read more about Nvidia's crippling the RTX 3060's Ethereum hashrates.

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Old 18-02-21, 03:50 PM
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Give it a week or two and someone in the crypto scene will post a driver with the performance limitation removed, miners will use that as their 'official' driver, and thus we're back to square one.

It's a bold statement, I'll give them that. It will just not be enough
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Old 18-02-21, 04:04 PM
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Not too big on artificially software-locking out hardware features or performance but desperate times I guess
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Old 18-02-21, 06:52 PM
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Depends whether this is a firmware block or just a software one. Either way it will be hard to bypass.

That said it could just be lip service as always. We'll see.

BTW I don't like the idea of all of these mining CMP or whatever they are called GPUs. Once the mining flops they are absolutely useless and will just end up as E waste with no other real purpose. Especially given Nvidia stop you from running them as gaming GPUs through your CPU's HDMI output now.

TBH I would rather not be able to get a GPU until the next round of mining implodes than tons of these cards being left with no purpose and thus ending in a landfill.

And either way, what good will this do when these mining GPU cores have to come from where? Samsung? which means it will still affect the amount of gaming GPUs they can make.

IMO? this is just a way for Nvidia to make more money. Make GPUs with no outputs etc (and therefore cutting the costs dramatically) whilst still taking the cores out of supply that would go to gaming otherwise.

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Old 18-02-21, 07:31 PM
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The big miners don't need anything other than the chip they can do the rest themselves, this will make no difference to them, it'll make it harder for you to do it thou lol
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Old 18-02-21, 09:20 PM
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I don't see how this is going to help supply issues. As Alien said, the silicon cannot be manufactured fast enough. Whether you stick that silicon on a mining card or a graphics card for gamers, the silicon manufacturing is still the bottleneck.
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Old 18-02-21, 11:31 PM
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TSMC accounts for what I believe is 50% of the market for circuit fabrication. All the customers who rely on chip design companies (AMD, Nvidia, arm, qualcomm, foxconn etc) are companies who also rely on TSMC. It's logistical chain bottleneck. The suppliers who give the resources and materials to TSMC can only do so much and TSMC is at maximum capacity.

It just shows the world Taiwan has created a mini monopoly on circuits. This is why Intel is having less issues. They own their own stuff. It's recently been brought up in US government to start investing in a full movement towards american owned and worked fab sites that produce and design stuff. Because if China gets more aggressive over Taiwan then much of the world loses access to products which is obviously a bad thing in the modern age.

I believe EU is also embarking on a similar campaign if I remember correctly. Regardless EU and the US need to start ramping up on this to avoid this in the future.
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