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Old 04-01-21, 10:03 PM
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Nicehash Profits are Skyrocketing, and it will kill the GPU market for gamers

The demand for GPUs from crypto miners has risen...

Read more about Nicehash profitability rising and its impact on the GPU market.

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Old 04-01-21, 10:13 PM
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not again :/
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Old 04-01-21, 11:00 PM
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it was pretty clear for a few weeks.

in mining forums people report about their new rigs with 50 or more RTX GPUs.
while the big stores here get 20-30 GPU´s a month.

the 78 RTX rig that was going through the gaming press the last days is just the tip of the iceberg.
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Old 05-01-21, 02:25 AM
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thankfully i have stacks of old games to play on my old gpus but i would like to buy a 6800 or xt for an uninflated price in the very near future its the only thing stopping me draining and redoing loop which really needs doing
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Old 05-01-21, 06:02 AM
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So, in between a Global Pandemic affecting just about everything, an acute shortage of silicon and Scalpers; low and behold we can now add the predicted mining boom into the mix.

End result, you have more chance of seeing a rocking horse sh*t than getting your hands on a current generation GPU; ultimately, neither AMD or Nvidia will care whose actually buying them so long as the cash rolls in.

Oh Joy!
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Old 05-01-21, 09:12 AM
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Oh well. That pretty much seals it then. I'll be getting a motorbike this year instead of a new rig.
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Old 05-01-21, 10:28 AM
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I'm an older gamer and have been playing computer games since they started and by that I mean Pong on an Atari console tuned through your TV ariel socket circ 1975. With the state of PC gaming now, I have decided that I no longer wish to pay the cost required to participate in the sector.

Over the years I have spent 10s of thousands of pounds (no exaggeration) on new computer systems every 2-3 years but it's just got to expensive and so flaky that it has killed my enjoyment. Marketing bull LIES has drowned any ability to make reasoned choices when purchasing hardware AND game software. Sub-par game releases, hardware price manipulation and a sector that that exploits a one way customer loyalty is just too sickening for me to pay so much for a once beloved PASTIME.

Hardware options have never been greater and then the so called AAA game programming just turns them to a BSOD I mean if multi TB day one patches are not indicative of sub-par respect for the customer I don't know what is.

Scalpers, Miners and lying two face bullers have finally closed at least one wallet for the last time.
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Old 05-01-21, 10:47 AM
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I see it as a partial good thing. The amount of people splashing cash they dont have on GPUs because the Want outweighs the Need.
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Old 05-01-21, 11:40 AM
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And just like that, my budget for a new guitar has trippled.
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Old 05-01-21, 12:33 PM
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I don't see why mining is somehow a "wrong" way to use a GPU.
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