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Old 27-10-13, 06:50 PM
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How accurate is an APC UPS for reading power draw?

Hey Guys! I'm looking for some expert electrical geek input. Today, I noticed the power supply fan on my Corsair AX750 PSU wasn't spinning, even under load. I notice on power up that it does spin up for a very brief second, but never gets going. I wasn't sure if that was normal or the fan is dead, so I started messing around with my UPS. I loaded the system up a bit to MAKE that fan spin up. That's where I got a bit of a surprise reading the UPS display.

The UPS is an APC BX1300LCD-CN. Both the PC and monitor run off the UPS. The monitor is a Samsug SyncMaster S27B370. The PC contains the following powered components:

i7-3820 / Asus Rampage IV Gene / 16GB Corsair Dominator CL9
2x Sapphire Raden 7950 CrossFired
4x 1TB Seagate HDD
2x D5 variable water pumps (both set to maximum speed)
6x CoolerMaster SickleFlow red LED fans
6x Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP45 2150RPM fans
NZXT HUE LED controller with a cheap eBay LED strip attached to it (much higher LED density than the default piece)
2x XSPC water temp sensors
2x sets of XSPC 3mm LEDs for my CPU block
2x sets of XSPC 5mm LEDs for my tube reservoir
A Sunbeam 30W x 3 channel fan controller

CPU is mildy OCed to 4.3Ghz (upped the multiplier to 43, manual voltage set to 1.276v). Both 7950s are mildly OCed to 1150 core / 1300 memory (no voltage tinkering on those). For testing, I cranked all fans to maximum hovercraft mode, and set the LED strip to it's brightest setting. Power management is disabled for all hard drives.

When I run UniEngine Heaven 4.0 with ExtremeHD presets to load up the system, I was rather surprised. Under that load, according to the UPS, the MAXIMUM draw I saw was 450W. That was the PEAK draw, and most times it fluctuated between 380W - 420W, depending on what Heaven scene was rendering.

Doesn't that sound awfully low for the hardware I have? I'm going to do some heavier testing (ie CrossFired Furmark and Prime 95), but that number sounds low. You guys know your , so what do YOU think?

EDIT: I ran a "beefier" test just now, which consists of an older version of FurMark, run through a Crossfire profile app (CFX). Running Crossfired Furmark and Prime95 blend tests simultaneously showed a decent jump in power consumption, as expected. I peaked at around 550W. PSU fan still didn't move.

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