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Old 20-01-16, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by B NEGATIVE View Post

I do not recommend it for many reasons beyond that stupid hammer test that everyone from Jays2pence to L3p seems to think is some sort of validation....

PETG was pushed to market to create a market for Primoschill,no long term testing was done by anyone. PETG is not the same material as used in bottles as so frequently claimed,its sister material PET takes that role.

Its low forming temp has already seen a near catastrophe for one poor Modzoo member, the guys that pushed this product then claim it was 'the superior strength of PETG that saved the day' rather than the low forming temp being the cause.

didn't that guy discover that his pump wiring was garbage and caused his pump to turn off? I'm not saying petg is great or anything, but that is pretty much the only bad example I've seen around, from looking around to a limited extent. He also said he had to "assist" the tubing into the fittting since it didn't line up well to begin with. Kinda seems like there was plenty of user error in there to make it questionable as to weather it was the petg's fault or not. If this happened more frequently then I'd be more worried but I can't say that I see it as a deal breaker.

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Old 20-01-16, 02:50 PM
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Well even if his pump went off from bad wiring, the fact that your everyday joe can suffer with a pump malfunction where it will stop working during a gaming session means this can happen to anyone i suppose?

If you game then you may not even here the pump acting up or not notice the coolant no longer ciculating.

PETG might be good, but when the cost of both PETG and Acrylic is so small, im happy with Acrylic for the time being.
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