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Old 10-12-18, 02:27 PM
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I've watched some gameplay for this and it looks just like Fallout. They even put a version of their gecko in it from FONV.

I also watched a video a couple of days back uploaded over a year ago where they interviewed one of the guys from Obsidian about FONV and apparently half of their ideas were binned by Bethesda as they thought they would take too long to implement. It also explains why there is a locked gate you can't go through in FONV.

Bethesda also rejected Obsidian's initial wanted location too, stating they wanted it for a later game.

So yes, expect this to be just like Fallout. I would even hedge a guess and say that after Bethesda screwed Obsidian out of their bonus the game started then and has probably been in dev for many years.

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