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AIDA64 Extreme Test

Heya everyone,

I’m currently in the process of testing my CPU for both cooling efficiency and long term system stability.

I have an 3700X and need to undervolt it, to keep it cool and also to not have the radiator fan spin up and down all the time cause of the voltage going up and down.

I have watched Glob3tech’s latest video on 3700X cooled by an Asetek 645LT 92mm AIO, on an ASUS ROG X470-I Gaming motherboard, since I have the exact same setup.

He has achieved 4GHz at 1.075V, which mine unfortunately can not to as BSOD upon loading into Windows.

I’m using AIDA64 Extreme to test the cooling potential of the 645LT but also (and foremost) the system stability for long term use.

Now I’m not exactly sure regarding this program, I have just researched some on Google and someone mentioned on a forum that doing the ”Stress FPU” is the heaviest workload in terms of raw cooling testing, ie how high temperatures the CPU gets.

And that the ”Stress Cache” is testing the stability for overclocked systems.

This is according to: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews...de,5461-4.html

And I read on this page, the reply from ”Fiery” that doing an FPU test first and then all of the boxes for a more common workload: https://forums.aida64.com/topic/3029...e-stress-test/

My question to you all, what exact software, settings and for how long are you guys running when you push your systems for oc stability? Do you run several different tests and for how long to ensure long term stability?


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Old 12-04-20, 11:27 PM
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OCCT I change settings in BIOS run it for 30 mins then if it passes i push settings more if it fails i scale back. For the long term, I would run the standard test overnight, then some other night Linpack to really hand it it's a*se.

Be advised even though all possible tests pass (AIDA, PRIME, OCCT, etc...) for 24h your system may misbehave in some tasks. The ultimate stability test is the first month of usage after overclocking/tweaking.
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