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Old 29-07-21, 08:26 AM
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AMD's R&D spending has been boosted by over 40% Year-Over-Year

What do you think AMD's spending their money on?

Read more about AMD's increased R&D spending.

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Old 29-07-21, 09:21 AM
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Intel having its own fabs means that a lot of its R&D budget goes into fabrication technologies, packaging, etc. TSMC spends about $1B a quarter on R&D, as a point of comparison, and Intel might be spending more. Intel also has an FPGA division, which would be equivalent to AMD adding the Xilinx R&D expense ($200m+ a quarter). Intel's R&D is also working on self-driving cars....

In short, AMD's R&D is a lot more focused, so isn't comparable to Intel's. It's definitely possible that Intel is putting more into CPU and GPU tech than AMD, but not to the extent that a basic comparison of R&D expenditure will suggest.
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