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Old 29-07-21, 12:11 PM
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Sony's enabling the PlayStation 5's M.2 slot with a new beta update

PlayStation 5 users will soon be able to add more storage to their consoles.

Read more about Sony enabling the PS5's M.2 slot for Beta firmware users.

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Old 29-07-21, 02:01 PM
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Now be prepared for even higher pcie 4.0 ssd prices as well as lower supply. It'll get even worse if Sony only certifies just a couple drives.
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Old 29-07-21, 08:17 PM
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I think Microsofts approach to adding more storage was more user friendly, Their official 1TB cartridges cost a lot but can be had for decent price on sale and you can store games on any USB3+ external drives easily, And even run them if the drive is fast enough.

I can see, A NBD said, Prices for these PS5 compatible drives going up fairly high in price.
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