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Old 09-01-17, 10:35 PM
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Oldie but a Newbie

Evening all, Names Ken, but most people call me Mountaineer as I am very dedicated to my favorite college football team the West Virginia Mountaineers. Been a member of the forums for several years, but I've always been one of those lurkers in the background. A little about myself: I'm a Dairy Dept. Manager at one of my local Walmarts and I actually like my job. I'm an avid fisherman, hunter and spend a lot of my summer camping.

I've been building pc's for about 15-20 yrs, but everything I've done to this point have always been a cheap as I could go to play current games. I think the most I've ever spent on a PC is around $600 US and I've always build AMD systems. I've never even owned an Intel CPU. That is until now. I decided it was finally time to step up and run with the big boys and just ordered a 7700k. The new build is gonna take me a few months to get my parts together but I will be doing a full build log when I get all my parts. I'll be making some other posts throughout the forums just to get some opinions and input for the new build as well.

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Old 09-01-17, 10:58 PM
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Welcome to the forums

Build Log: http://forum.overclock3d.net/showthread.php?t=72241

STEAM ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tolemac/

“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla
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Old 09-01-17, 11:15 PM
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G'day Welcome to the forums and it's a shame you went 7700k as the new AMD Zen cpu's are due out and for the same price point maybe you could of had the performance of an 8 core 6900k processor in an 8 core AMD
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Old 10-01-17, 12:05 AM
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Welcome to the zoo!
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Old 10-01-17, 01:49 AM
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Welcome dude!
I'm not a Geek! ..... I'm an intellectual BADASS!!
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Old 10-01-17, 09:02 AM
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greetings from across the pond
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