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Old 09-10-20, 09:44 AM
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AMD's reported in "advanced talks" to acquire Xilinx for $30 billion

Could AMD add Xilinx FPGAs to their future products?

Read more about AMD reportedly being in "advanced talks to acquire Xilinx.

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Old 09-10-20, 10:06 AM
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Amazing to see AMD go from being millions and millions in debt, to aquiring for potentially billions
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Old 09-10-20, 10:09 AM
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Big if true, Xilinx are absolutely huge in this market, I think any electrical engineer will have learnt their HDL languages with Xilinx hardware given its ubiquity, and FPGA's have been finding much more utility in shipping devices now modern ones are comparatively cheap and performant. Besides their traditional uses for prototyping and their more modern use for datacentre acceleration, they're also finding a strong foothold in use by smaller companies to create cutting edge hardware implementations(Say PHYs/drivers/controllers for cutting edge communication specs), fast emulation hardware, ect that is potentially commercially viable in itself without the huge upfront costs of silicon fab'ing.

I think the explosion of RISC-V and the concept of open source IC design has put a lot of new life into this market too, bringing it into the hobbyist sphere.

Here's a cool but less relevant use in emulation hardware (Legal through clean room reverse engineering): https://www.analogue.co/nt-mini
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