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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
Annnnd I'm a hypocrite and bought it, LOL. I'm actually more interested in the benchmark, and to see if dual GPUs will actually get used here. Had some issues setting it up (the phrase 'Rockstar Social Club' now officially makes me gag), but it's running. Already crashed once, so far so good, LOL!

I also have a second rig with a Radeon VII, so I can compare team red and green together, albeit with different screens. AMD has always had better default colors than Nvidia, like for decades now. Not sure why, but it's unmistakable. Color quality on the green side has always been more 'pale', at least without tweaking anything.

Initial impressions: this is the new Crysis, as Tom alluded to in the video. It's a killer. First benchmark at stock settings using Vulkan, with two 1080TI's and a 3900x 12 core got me a whole 45fps at 3440x1440 100hz. That's all default graphics settings (looks like it auto-set most things to ultra, but some to medium). Applying my OC profile to my GPUs brought that up to a 50fps average. Tweaking will need to be done for sure.
Now do the same with single GPU and see if you actually get more fps like most of the games being released today.

Noticed it in The Outer Worlds. SLI=60fps, single GPU 75.

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