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Originally Posted by MacLeod View Post
HP Omen 32 is worth a look. Always seems to get really good reviews in the few that are out there. I've got the Pavilion version of this monitor and am pretty happy. It's not as fluid as my old BenQ, 144 Hz, 1ms response but it looks 10 times better. Mine is also compatible with Gsync so I'm sure the Omen would be as well which is nice if you move over to Nvidia on your next card.

I've owned a few HP monitors over the hears and consider them the most underrated out there. I've always got great performance out of them and they're always cheaper than the big names. I got my 32 for $300!
Indeed. I've got the older B&O version with the speakers and I can't fault it. IIRC I paid £360, which at the time was a steal given the same panel was in a BenQ costing nearly a grand.

HP like Dell mostly don't charge the gaming tax. And yeah, some of their stuff is very underrated, considering it is designed by Voodoo (who they bought out a few years back and were a competitor to Alienware).


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