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Old 04-01-18, 09:36 AM
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Bench PC-T70

I'd like to see a bit of a follow up on this https://forum.overclock3d.net/showthread.php?t=82725 as i just purchased one myself , more of a necessity and airflow decision than a cosmetic choice.

Been in a wheel chair having no upper body balance i have looked and waited many oh years for a decent case that i can get into to clean from dust or change a part if something goes tits up which with my luck it dose a lot, sure id love a big ass case with some tempered glass on side nice n silent but been down at my level its hard to flip it over twist it round to get to the back or get messy with its insides , yes still talking about a pc case get your filthy mind out the gutter dat my job.

unfortunately my system went tits up christmas day motherboard sung its last hurra i been wanting to upgrade for a good while now so thought F it gona go all out been a good few years to upgrade was running a FX8350 so now ordered gigabyte aorus gaming 5 z370 with an i7 hope this case can keep temps down as live in place where temp do hit 45c in summer ambient temps are about 28-30c in house just got a bit of sweat trickle down my plumbers crack thinking about it.

Back on topic want to try keep it tidy as possible worried more about the cabling than the storage but that still on my mind as it will be used as main pc not testing
any ideas where on that maybe some custom cables on a shorter size i can zip tie under so wont be hanging gathering untold dust and looking unsightly ? (power- cosair HX850i)

Also any kind of HD cage that will fit nicely under maybe fit at least one or 2 more 3.5 inch drives than the specs ?

will post some pics of build if anyone's interested? and prob pester ppl no how to tweak it here and there.
ps:im all ears not like tom tho haha

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Old 04-01-18, 10:07 AM
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Cablemod have an option on the configurator to make your cables to your own specified length
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Old 04-01-18, 04:21 PM
Damien c Damien c is offline
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Drop me a pm if you decide to get some cables from cablemod and I will send you the 20% discount code I have, that I got when I purchased my Asus motherboard.

I am not using it, so someone might as well use it.

If you do use it though, please post pic's of the build on the site so people can see them.
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Old 04-01-18, 04:58 PM
scubasteve scubasteve is offline
Join Date: Jan 2018
Posts: 230
excellent thanks guys , will do Damien much appreciated had a butchers at their site and got a bit baffed how to navigate it but soon as my parts arrive and i know exactly what i need i will drop you a pm (2 weeks fingers crossed)

worst part of the year to have to order stuff im outside every day staring down the postman like i gave him my kidney and he aint said thanks yet

always see you tom talk about them on reviews but just slipped my mind mid panic and stress without a pc just on a faithful 8-9 year old laptop for now
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