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Old 24-01-21, 03:42 PM
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Nah. G2A is proper dodgy, as they allow other companies to sell on there, some of them have sold stolen keys. Like I said, been using CDkeys for 8 years and have never once had any issues. I got a key I could not read properly once (they send you scans, not just typed keys) and they replaced it immediately.

Plus it's a GOG key, meaning there is no DRM.

If they were doing anything illegal they would be closed down in a heartbeat. Fact is the only people doing illegal things are the companies who make the games (like M$ etc). They have all had quite brutal lawsuits stopping them from making keys picky, only allowing one activation etc.

Why you think Gabe wants to move to NZ? because he has been doing the same. And that is about to end.

The things Steam has done over the past few years has not been out of the kindness of their heart. It is simply the result of them breaking the law, and thus being brought to call for it and having to change their policies.

Going to license only and download has saved them millions of dollars, none of which they have passed on, and they have stuck in laws and rules that were illegal.


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Old 25-01-21, 03:03 AM
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Originally Posted by looz View Post
The issue isn't in delivering customers their keys, but the source of the said keys. That's also a grey market site.
Cdkeys is legit. Probably the only one.

I've bought tons of games through them and if ever wanted a refund was processed no questions asked within hours.

After years and years of using them for PC, Xbox, PS I've never had any keys/licenses revoked on any platform.
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