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Old 11-06-19, 08:39 AM
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My System Reboots Unexplainably!

Hi guys,
I hope you can help me with a really serious issue that I'm having. To put it short, my system reboots when I run a Neural Network on my CPU. Don't mind why am I running it on the CPU, it's just how it is for my class. So, my PC crashes only with that program, which is Anaconda using this Neural Network.

What bothers me is that I am 100% sure that it isn't a temperature related issue, well at least not with my CPU. I have just recently changed my intel stock cooler with a DeepCool GAMMAXX400. But still, I am running a i5-4570 (locked part). Now temperatures hover around 60-70 °C. Yes, the temperature fluctuates a lot...it is just what this program does, I guess.

Firstly I thought that my cooler was not good enough, because I was getting up to 90°C, but since it fluctuated a lot, I was keen on thinking that my cooling wasn't sufficient. Now I have a nicer cooler and the temps are low, but same result.

I have tried stress testing my system with blender CPU test and it run like a champ for 10 minutes, so it's strange. After that I tried this Neural Network and it rebooted my system. I have logged also some useful data from HWinfo and I leave down here.

I would like to have some advice from you and I leave also the code for the Neural Network if someone wants to try running.

I'm leaving also my PC specs:
CPU: Intel i5-4570
Motherboard: Asus H87 Plus
CPU Cooler: DeepCool GAMMAXX400
GPU: Asus Strix 970
PSU: Corsair RM450 80 Plus Gold
RAM: DDR3 8 Gb (2x4 Gb) Corsair 1600 MHz
2 Hard drives
2 Case fans
1 DVD player

Everything useful is here:

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