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Watercooling components - Need advice!

Hey guys,

With the release of Nvidia's GTX 980, I've decided to take the plunge, get a reference card and watercool it with a custom loop.

However, I'm a complete novice at watercooling and really need some help with which components to choose.

This is what I've come up with so far:

I'm pretty confident that I've made good decisions on the pump/rad combo, radiator/fans and water-block (let me know if I haven't) but I'm properly confused by fittings and tubing.

My idea with those quick disconnect fittings is to have one on each component like this (forgive the terrible diagram):

(Red circle is a quick disconnect fitting)

So if my understanding of the quick disconnect fittings is right, I'd be able to unplug the GPU block, rad and res/pump without actually spilling any water since either a male or female quick disconnect fitting will always be at the end of a tube.

Would that be correct?

Now onto tubing, I'm totally confused by it, spent a couple hours looking at fittings/tubing etc. but with all the different sizes I'm completely lost! Any chance someone could tell me which sized tubing I'd need with those fittings I've chosen?

Also will 1L of that Mayhems coolant be enough or should I get a 2L bottle?

Thanks in advance

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