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Old 17-03-17, 04:43 PM
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Msi drop fps

Hello all ! sorry for my bad english but i have a problem with my pc...

My rigs: Mother Board Msi Z270 Gaming m3
Video card Msi gaming x Gtx 1070
Cpu I5 6600k -Oc 4Ghz
Ram 8 Gb Kingstone hyperx 2133
Psu Sirtec smart element 650w

When i make Perfomance test i have cpu 8900 and video 9100...problem is this ...my friend have same video card and same processor with same freq , he have mother board gigabyte z170 , ram 16 gb kingstone hyperx 2133 and him psu is a old sirtec 500w....he have in perfomance test 9400 and video 10500....when i play ghost reacon i have : exemple ...i have 50 fps and he have 80....what is the problem ? i have all drivers new ..anyone can help me ?

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Old 17-03-17, 10:49 PM
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Sounds like the difference in performance from 1440p and 1080p resolutions for ghost recon
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Old 18-03-17, 09:49 AM
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Ok sound like that difference but if you could tell me the reason for this ?? thanks .
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Old 18-03-17, 07:05 PM
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Do you both play at the same resolution on the same monitor type with the same in game settings?
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Old 19-03-17, 06:46 AM
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solved....video card was in second slot ...omg ....my fault ....thnx for help ..now is ok ...
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