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Originally Posted by MacLeod View Post
I don't get the Epic hate these days. For years and years people complained about Steam, about how they didn't care about the customers because they have no competition. Well Epic finally is offering some competition and everybody hates them for it.

It's just like with Fortnite and streamers. Here is Epic putting on Fortnite tournaments with prize money in the tens of millions of dollars and all these so called pros do is whine and moan about it. Every tournament so far has been filled with nerd rage about one thing or the other.

I will never understand why gamers are so angry all the time. I've been one for over 3 decades but it's only been the last decade or so that we hate everything. Crysis sucks because the graphics are too demanding. Crysis 2 sucks because the graphics aren't demanding enough.

Maybe because gamers spend so much time gaming instead of interacting with the real world that they never actually grow up, so their angry little teen tantrums flourish into their 20s and 30s too

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