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Titan Black Edition and GTX 790 incoming? A closer look at the rumors.

Over the past few day the internet has been rife with rumors surrounding possible upcoming releases from Nvidia, even here on OC3D.

The rumors in question are the supposed upcoming releases of the GTX Titan Black Edition and the dual-GPU called the GTX 790. Here we will look at the rumors and hopefully paint a clearer picture of what we could expect.

Above here guys are the possible specs of the GTX Titan Black Edition and 790 are shown, lets have a closer look.

The Titan Black card from a gaming perspective is essentially a 780Ti with a 6GB frame buffer and a Black cooler bearing the Titan name. This sadly means that there will be no 6GB 780Ti cards, so if you want a larger frame buffer on your 780Ti it going to cost you an extra $300.

Of course there is also the fact that a Titan Black will add additional double-precision performance, this will make the Titan Black good for FP64 ,or rather scientific, computing tasks which are suited to Nvidia's Quadro cards. This will be the only real reason to consider the Titan Black over the 780Ti but for us gamers there will be no difference.

Looking at the the GTX 790 specs, it isn't dual 780s or even dual 780Tis but instead somewhere in between. With 4992 cores total, 2496 cores per GPU, the single GPU performance lies somewhere in between the the GTX 780 and the original GTX Titan.

Why not dual 780Ti cores you may ask, the changes do not stop there; the memory buses have also been downgraded from the 384-bit bus (used in the GTX 780/TI and the Titan) to a 320-bit bus a total vram of 10GB (5GB for each GPU core) and not 6GB (3GB per card like the GTX 780/Ti SLI).

It is likely these chances have been made to make the card consume less power, but in theory it is still more powerful than dual 780s.

The rumored TDP of this card an astoundingly low 300W, only 50W higher than a single GTX 780, which seems a little low given that it is technically two cards.

All in all what can be said about these rumors, like any rumors please take all information here with a grain of salt as it easily could be false.

That being said the GTX Titan Black looks like a likely step forward for Nvidia, making the Titan Brand/name once again the flagship of Nvidia's single GPU range.

However the 790 seems much less likely, with a different number of GPU cores and vram than any other current released Nvidia GPU. This makes it unlike any other '90 series card ever released, where usually it is always 2x the spec of the current flagship (albeit underclocked most times).

That being said the changes from the norm here could be what was necessary to keep the TDP and temperatures within usable limits.

The GeForce GTX 790 is expected to launch shortly after GTX TITAN Black, which is likely to be in February, or possibly in March (provided the rumors are true).

What do you guys think, do you think the rumors are true? Do we have a new Titan and a dual GPUed monster headed our way. Please post your thoughts below.

Source - videocardz.com
Twitter - @WYP_PC
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