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Old 12-11-16, 05:09 PM
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Intel 600p or Samsung 960 evo

Looking to upgrade my boot drive, as I've got this m.2 slot looking so empty and lonely.

Where I live, the pricing of the 960s are about a full third more expensive per storage bracket. Obviously the 960 is markedly faster, but is there going to be a noticeable difference?

I mean, 1570MB/s read, 540MB/s write, 77 000 random read vs 3200MB/s read, 1500MB/s write, 330 000 random write is a MASSIVE difference numerically (~250GB bracket)....

Huh. Now that I look at it, that's a bigger gap than I thought...

... So I guess my question is, should I pay a third more for three times more performance? 🙃

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Old 12-11-16, 06:38 PM
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I'd ask do you do any work that will benefit from these faster speeds?... Ie, do you perhaps transfer files on a daily basis that you will see this beneficial?...

As I just browse the internet now a days and my 950 Pro isn't even being stretched lol.
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Old 12-11-16, 07:07 PM
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This is mostly just my gaming/living room rig (who says a Corsair c500 can't be an HTPC?), though my games are on on other drives.

However, I have been doing more video editing/rendering lately.

I have an 840 evo as my main drive (which I also want to give as a gift to a friend in the new pc I'm building for her - her '07 laptop is basically three chrome tabs away from death.), so either one would be a major improvement, but that massive boost to random seems like it would speed up basically everything on my boot disk just from general OS speed up.
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intel 600p, m.2, nvme, samsung 960 evo, stupid question

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