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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Either very heavy or very light...

I was speaking to the removal men when I moved recently and asked why my 65" weighed so much (I can't lift it alone) when my 49" weighed so little (I can lift that in one hand). He said that when you step over 50" the metal frame needed to stop the screen twisting was just insane. Which finally explained that mystery.

So this can either support its own screen without wanting to twist, or it will need metal in there to stop it happening.

lol give me the light ones any time !
Sounds about right. My swift p348 is pretty damn heavy for what it is. Certainly pushes the limit on my vesa mount.

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Old 28-04-19, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Peace Š View Post
Is there a dual 1080p variant? Because I'd like to get a new one for work and 1440p isn't really needed, as are the 120Hz. With a 1080p variant I could be able to talk my boss into it :P
1080p 32:9 screens have been around for a while - https://www.samsung.com/levant/monitors/c49hg90/ for a 144Hz version and you could easily find a 60Hz screen if you don't want to pay for the high refresh rate.
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