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Old 12-06-17, 08:26 PM
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R5 1600X locking to 2.2Ghz

Hi, so whenever i try to change the Vcore or SoC voltage thru BIOS, the CPU locks itself to 2.2Ghz. If i let them be on auto, everything is fine (wouldn't be a problem othervice but on auto the CPU gets only 1.35 volts under load). I have tried everything i can imagine, i have flashed every BIOS version there is including betas multiple times, i have cleared CMOS, i have tried AMDs own power plan but nothing seems to work. But here comes the strange part, i can overclock using Ryzen Master just fine. I can change voltages and clocks how i please, but it doesn't apply clocks on boot, i have to manually set them every time, and i think i should be getting better results than 4.0Ghz @1.4675 volts (i know it's high, just tried to get it stable) and even then with LLC the CPU senses only ~1.37 volts. Any ideas?
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