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Old 19-06-15, 12:24 PM
davido_labido davido_labido is offline
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Project: Otus

Well its time for another build!! This time I will be using the Phobya WaCoolT White OWL Case. This is a new case from Phobya so it will be interesting to see what I can do with it!

As per usual, I don't have much time with this build, it needs to be done before the end of August for I55!! Before we get cracking though, I do need to say a massive thank you to Pascal and Antony! A shout out to JR23 and Jamie too for help with the graphics side of things :P

So, without further to do, the case!!

This case was actually designed and made with help from the community, Phobya took the ideas and created this!

Now, it is a rather strange looking case i admit, and when i only saw the black version i wasnt too taken by it. Once i actually recieved the white one though, i much prefer it. Pictures dont do it justice tbh.

drive bays are far less common in cases lately as a lot of people have stopped using disk drives and the only real use for them are fan controllers. This case can hold up to 8 fans straight out of the box, so i will be using a decent fan controller (or two) to ensure they are all quiet, so im glad we have some bays!

The back of the case has 4 grommits for if you want to add any external water cooling, im not sure why you would need to as there is plenty of space in the case!!

speaking of inside the case:

As you can see, there is loads of room!!

there is space for HDDs just above the drive bays, this little hdd case is actually on rubber grommets to stop the drives from vibrating which is a nice little touch.

for watercooling i have a lot of options, down the bottom we have native support for a 360 or 420 rad

and in the top of the case we have support for 480 or lower rads, including 200mm rads!

and at the back, you could bang another 120mm if needed!

another nice addition is this nice little pump mount, again with rubber grommets to stop the vibration

So, thats the case! what do you guys think of it? A lot of people i have spoken to either love it or hate it, there is no real in between.

Im just waiting on some more hardware, and then we can get stuck into the build properly, i want to do quite a subtle build, lots of whites, greys and blacks, but I think I might add some orange, because.... davido_labido.

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Old 19-06-15, 01:38 PM
Warchild Warchild is offline
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Well it was designed by a modder as part of a Phobya competition so it no doubt has plenty of options. However I just don't like the shape. Nor the cost

But I have seen what people have done with them, and that my friend was amazing !
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Old 25-06-15, 12:50 PM
davido_labido davido_labido is offline
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Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
Well it was designed by a modder as part of a Phobya competition so it no doubt has plenty of options. However I just don't like the shape. Nor the cost

But I have seen what people have done with them, and that my friend was amazing !
Awesome, I cant wait to get stuck into this, I'm just waiting on a few more parts, but here are 2 of my sponsors anyways

Now, without further to do, lets see what my awesome sponsors have sent me for this build shall we?!

The first 2 that I'm going to show are MSI a new sponsor for me although I have been talking to them for around 12 months waiting to do a build with them for a while, and have attended many events with these guys, they are pretty awesome!!!

Also, HyperX. I'm pretty sure anyone who has seen one of my build logs before knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys and gals. They help me out all the time and the people are great! If I could choose a company to work for... it would be HyperX!


MSI will be providing the motherboard for this build. They sent me the X99 A SLI Krait Edition with USB 3.1

This board matches the build colour perfectly!

I'm sure i can add some orange easily if I do decide to pop a little bit of colour into this...

This will be my second experience with X99, Nom Nom Nom

Plenty of sata ports on this board, always great to see!

For all you M.2 lovers, this has a front slot.

and now for

These guys have been awesome and sent me the following Savage SSDs and also their new Predator DDR4 (click the links for more information on these as they have some great specs!)

So, HyperX sent me 2 SSDs, both are the same drives, but one comes with a great little adapter and case to enable you to run any SSD drive from USB. This is awesome for me as it means i can keep all my games on one drive and just move them between computers!

These have an updated design from the 3k series, but still have the prominent X we all love


This is the case that came with one of the drives.

Its as simple as putting the SSD into it....

then locking it using the little switch on the back. It comes with a USB cable and its plug and play! Winner!

HyperX also sent me this ram.... NOM NOM NOM!!!!

When I get a silly amount of ram, i like to make spiral staircases with it....

So what happens when we put MSI and HyperX together?!

It's a match made in heaven!

There is something about 8 sticks of ram that just make things look... beastly.

I will leave you with this one last picture, if I get time I will show some more sponsor products tomorrow!

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Old 25-06-15, 01:00 PM
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Lovin' this already! Subbed!
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Old 25-06-15, 01:12 PM
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Old 25-06-15, 01:24 PM
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That case is devine.

Please, please tell me all the silver bits are hex screws and not rivets, can't quite tell from the pics
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Old 25-06-15, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by davido_labido View Post
Whoa scrolling past this image

"If a bear looks good in the woods when nobody is there, is he still a cool ass motherf***ing bear?" - JR23
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Old 25-06-15, 01:35 PM
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subbing, looks mental
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Old 25-06-15, 01:57 PM
ShaunB-91 ShaunB-91 is offline
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Looking forward to seeing more.
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Old 25-06-15, 02:00 PM
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This is going to look sooo pretty!


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