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Old 10-04-13, 12:04 PM
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Smile 900D Build Log - Green and Black watercooled.

Updated 19/7/13
Thank you for opening this build log and welcome! My name is Greg and I'm new here so best to make a good impression!
I'm currently building my second ever pc and my first water cooled pc. I'm going to do a proper video build log for each bit (mostly because my girlfriend wants to understand everything), but I also thought I'd do a traditional picture community discussion one as well.

Here is a list of everything I have at the minute and I'm missing the 900D case, a 360 rad and some fittings. Please criticize constructively and help me build a better build! Since posting here I have changed my green led fans, power supply and fittings! Can't wait to finish this build! oh and one last thing. Any names spring to mind for a Green and Black 900D build?

I7 2600k OC hopefully a 4.6ghz
GTX 690
G1 sniper 3 Mobo
256gb m4 ssd
3tb seagate barracuda
2 3D vision 2 glasses
Asus VG278 monitor
Razer Deathadder 2013 mouse
Goliath extended mat
900D case (keeps getting postponed due to shipping problems, so sadly i might not get it till June.
Ax860 with Corsair Green Sleeved Cables.

Phobya 250 res
XSPX 480 radiator
4 sickleflow green led 120s (will go in the bottom compartment)
360 radiator (want a large 60mm one for the top mount)
6 sp 120s performance editions
Ek supremcy nickel plexi waterblock
EK-FC690 GTX nickel plexi waterblock
3 litres of mayhems x1
Mayhems green UV dye
Alphacool D5 vario (VPP655)
Alphacool H5 pump top
Phobya 3 pin to 4* 3 pin connectors.
Some Bitfenix alchemy uv strips.

I got my parts from different places including Amazon, Ebay, Yoyotech, Scan, CandCcentral.

My youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/thegreyedits where I will upload the video log explaining all the parts what they do and building my pc I'll also do a conclusion and what I could have done better section!

Once again, thank you!

Will watercool as soon as I can afford fittings!

Girlfriend is in the box.

Updated 19/7/13
Did the water cooling and its been running for over 2 weeks thought it was time to update everything! see images at the bottom!

What would I do better?
Not click buy on ebay without checking it was the right sized fittings.... Ordering Dominator rams soon, I sold my vengeance ram and using some crummy 1330hz corsair ones atm! Bring it up to 1/2 inch and bigger tubing! also change the sickle flows even if they are running on 7 volts to bitfenix spectre pros! Make the length of the tubing shorter, and I think maybe theme the build into a forest looking build by spray painting the back green and black (with different tones and filling it with fake fauna! thoughts on that?? At the minute I've name it AfterEight.

Love the smoked Glass

It's really quiet to be honest!

When it switched on <3

One of my ram dimms has 290k+ errors on memtest RMA'ing it but waiting for the response back from corsair.


My GTX 690 will go under soon. I love the stock cooler but it MUST BE WATERCOOLED.


Updated 19/7/13
Fully watercooled.

Changing these fans asap. Even when running at 7 volts they aren't very good at passing air through.

Love the 900D grills.

Push/pull sp120s, spray painted uve green, on 7vs uber quiet and a 400mm phobya reservoir with 2 inchs of phobya flex light also spraypainted uv green and super glued to the reservoir.

Theres 2 sharkoon uv cathodes one attached to the left and one just above the quad radiator

UV Flexlight on the right

EK waterblock

Razer deathadder!

MCP665 pump, black cardboard covering up all the wires.

Its gunna be called blasphemy, but I cut up one of my spare threaded cabes to thread the green onto an led molex. XD

Flash on

Love EK stuff ;D

How to drain?

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900d gtx 690 i7 2600k

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