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Old 20-02-20, 02:00 PM
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Fractal Define 7/Define 7 XL Review

Fractal Design finally delivered a successor to its Define R6, and it is an instant classic.

Read our review of Fractal's Define 7 and Define 7 XL cases.

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Old 25-02-20, 01:55 PM
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So much want! I adored the Define S was considering getting another to replace the Define C which really does suffer bad thermals, Fractal have ticked all my boxes and wetted my appetite again. Loving the OC3D inspired features, Angled full length PSU Cover (Myself), Front Filter (TTL) (we know we inspired them). I know who's getting my hard earned cheddar on this upgrade.
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Old 27-02-20, 04:49 AM
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If I were to watercool a massive build this would be the case. BUT on the other hand, why are cases getting more and more expensive? I remember you could get an insane quality case for like $80... good ol' times. At least this case for the money is probably the best you can get in that price bracket.
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Old 18-05-20, 04:51 PM
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Well I picked up one of these in white, and it's not the best water cooling case out there. It's decent, but it's one compromise after another. You can't stuff this thing with any serious radiator setups. Even having the *slimmest* of rads in the roof with only one set of fans covers up the top of your motherboard, so if you have an LED code display up top, forget about reading that if you have a roof rad. That's with a SLIM rad too, forget about a 60mm rad up top unless you want to cover up half your motherboard and possible interfere with your RAM. So realistically that leaves you with one slim 360 rad up top (forget about a 420, unless you want to cripple the front rad mount). Any thick rads need to go in front, no other choice, and that cripples the top / bottom mounts (bottom rad mounts are utterly useless if you fill the front mount, unless you want to put a single 120/140 rad down there). Like I said, one compromise after another. These things don't become apparent until you start trying to fit rads.

You aren't fitting triple rads in here comfortably, unless you run triple 240s, then what's the point, LOL!

This might be a good airflow / HDD / server case, but for a custom loop, Lian-Li is a far better option IMO.
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Old 18-05-20, 05:22 PM
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Fractal shot themselves in the foot with their choice of not supporting rads in the top. I would understand if it was a smaller case. If it had only 3 cm more space above the board it would be the best case in the world by far. That would be enough to put 360 slim rad at the top, and it would clear end tanks on the rad in front.

3 cm isn't much but as we all know it makes all the difference.
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