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Old 20-06-20, 11:18 PM
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Monitor stand help

Hello everyone,

So I recently purchased and desk clamp monitor arm for my monitor, to save up space on my desk and keep it minimal. Due to it having a much smaller footprint than the base stand of the monitor itself.

Now I'm a bit unsure on 2 things regarding this stand, since I've never used this kind of stand before and might seem silly to some of you, but please be kind here. We're all beginners with everything at some point in life.

My questions are these:

1. Does it matter which way the "clamp" is oriented? Should it be vertical (picture A) as in relation to the monitor and user or horisontal (picture , or doesn't this matter?



2. Does it make any difference if I would unscrew the 2 parts and move the lower part one position up, since it has a spare screw hole at the top and hence making the space smaller? Does this have any effect on the rigidity of the stand and/or clamping part of the stand itself or not?.

Please do excuse the picture quality of the photos, my photographing skills aren't the best.

Thanks everyone,

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Old 21-06-20, 08:52 AM
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depends on weight. If the monitor is a hefty weigh length ways gives more support against the desk. Leverage. but if you go length way and then half the clamp is sticking out the back then its pointless, so go width way

If your desk isnt a strong one, the monitor is heavy and the clamp is sideways, then you may see the desk begin to bend slowly upwards. If its a decent desk. It doesnt matter which way you go really.

I think you are seriously over thinking an incredibly simple design. C part adjustment is to account for thicker desks.
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