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Old 26-07-19, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
I am not either. I am waiting for the next-gen cards personally. Hopefully AMD has something good. the 5700/XT are both great cards but just not the performance jump I want. I ideally am aiming for like 50% more performance than a 1080 but not more than $400. It'll probably quite a while for that.
2067 will be your year, my friend

I predict they'll increase the (unused) ray tracing performance but not so much regular performance from now on. Thus the performance increase many of us are looking for may be a long way off.

What a sad affair of cards in the last few years!

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But if games begin to use RT more, then an increase in RT performance will mean an increase in game performance, it'll just be legacy titles where the improvements slow, but then I guess you could say that about GPUs for decades as techniques change.
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Originally Posted by TheF34RChannel View Post
That's my back-up and current plan: I don't buy games that require more than the little lady can give. The less I buy the more I save (suck on that Jensen). I'm honestly no bothered and in no hurry. Just got Forza Horizon 4 and it's all good.
It took a while but I am at that point too now.

In fact, im done with PC purchases, until my system struggles. I always preferred FPS over quality so over time, ill just degrade the visuals to a point where an upgrade has to be done.

Forza 4 is amazing! i still havent finished it.
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