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Old 26-06-12, 10:34 AM
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"un"clock GTX 580?

I have a GTX 580 3GB from Gigabyte, and i just got Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and i got a problem:
During gameplay i get random green "diamonds" all over the screen and then i get CTD to desktop, something saying "device is hung: device is hung due to badly formed commands"

Anyway, i searched hours on google and NONE of the solutions works, and the official NVIDIA support refuse to help me.
The ONLY thing i havent tried is to de/un clock my card, since i found it CAN help i would like to try.
I have MSI Afterburner, only thing i am wondering is how i do de clock it without damaging anything?

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Old 26-06-12, 11:29 PM
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You mean down clocking the GPU and that should be fine also you may want to contact Gigabyte and see if they can send you a bios update or do a trade and send you a replacement GPU.
It just sounds like a bad overlclock on Gigabyte's part but for now just set the 580 to its reference clocks and then test, if this works then Gigabyte have just screwed up with the overclocking is all and you can start increasing it until its stable and then flash it yourself with the correct stable overclocks.
Also I cant tell you what is safe for your GPU as every GPU is different and acts differently so, I can only guide you but also you could try upping the voltage first and see if that helps?
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