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Old 18-11-04, 10:54 PM
smit101 smit101 is offline
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Well, have been through the opening until the teleporter area but I'm getting a few sound problems,possibly due to my Audigy 2 and EAX as Phil mentioned,haven't had any complete crashes though just minor sound stuttering,will update soundcard drivers and see if that helps.

Must admit though, so far I'm gobsmacked by the amazing visuals and Physics,to my eye its the best looking engine so far,much grittier and more realistic than Doom3 and Far cry etc.It seems you can interact with just about any object on screen.I must have spent half an hour just picking up cardboard boxes and milk cartons and chucking 'em at NPC's heads Will get more serious though once I'm tooled up.

Will have a trawl around and see what can be done about the sound issues,will post back if I find anything worthwhile.
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