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Old 10-07-19, 11:45 AM
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Intel Comet Lake Specs Leak - 10 cores, New Socket and 14nm+++

Intel's abandoning their iGPUs to add more cores?

Read more about Intel's Comet Lake CPU specification leaks.

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Old 10-07-19, 11:55 AM
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The naming scheme is grim if that's true, all those digits are a bit extreme now. If anyones wondering how much space they'd save from dropping the iGPU though, here's an annotated die shot of a Coffee Lake 8 core, easily enough for 2 extra cores and almost 4(Though there's probably power & heat headroom reasons for them not wanting to go to 12 cores on a mainstream platform on 14nm):

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Old 10-07-19, 12:44 PM
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And each chip will cost at least £1000, and that's for the base model.

Intel sure are panicking.
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Old 10-07-19, 01:02 PM
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The addition of SMT to the entire lineup also removes the artificial segmentation that Intel has given over the past decade by leaving Hyperthreading as an exclusive to the company's highest-end CPU models.
Is it just me or isn’t SMT an AMD thing? And Intel using Hyper-Threading?...
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Old 10-07-19, 01:06 PM
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Hyper-Threading is a brand/marketing name for SMT(Well, Intel's implementation of SMT). SMT itself is a concept that dates back to the 60's.
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Old 10-07-19, 01:44 PM
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Have they fixed the security flaws?
Nope otherwise we would be seeing marketing about how they have completely redesigned HT for you!
which is nothing short of what they need to do to fix these. but lets just sweep zombieloader's under the carpet shall we....
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Old 10-07-19, 03:26 PM
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$179 for 4/8 and $229 for 6/12 with 4.8GHz boost clock would be amazing value for gaming.

But i9-10900KF with 14nm+++ technology doesn't quite roll of the tongue so easily. The pricing is lower than I'd expect from Intel to be honest, and naming scheme is pretty ridiculous. Seems pretty fake - kerning is off when you compare 10800F's core count to others etc.
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Old 10-07-19, 05:15 PM
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And a new socket! LmFao.

D**cks. Total d**ks.

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Old 10-07-19, 09:20 PM
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Sort the security issues, bring out something actually new and stop behaving like a monopoly and maybe Intel will start to get back in people's good graces.

I'm well aware that in gaming (which is my primary focus) Intel is still arguably king but am prob going to upgrade to Ryzen because AMD have impressed me far far more
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Old 11-07-19, 02:37 AM
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4.6 GHz turbo on 10 cores, this thing is going to get warm, 5.2Ghz turbo single...

Intel trying to claw back some single threaded benchmark wins.
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