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Old 11-10-17, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Dark NighT View Post
When did that ever work, remember the whole CoD Modern Warfare 2 boycott because it was not going to have dedicated servers, and day one everyone was on that thing like it was hot cakes.
Indeed, things like that only work if there is a unified response, which almost never happens.

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Old 11-10-17, 10:04 PM
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I still remember the Left 4 Dead 2 petition and supposed boycott. Those people didn't realise that making video games actually costs money.

This stuff though? pah, it's just law bending. Whoever comes up with the laws on gambling etc only makes it for people to find ways around. Just like the E-cig "regulations" the govt slapped on (that were all really dumb). I need 72mg nicotine to make what I always vaped. Now they just sell it as pharmaceutical grade "not for human consumption". Easy lol.
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Old 12-10-17, 03:26 AM
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People seem to be missing the point that the petition is asking that the loot box system be regulated, not that it should be banned. Regulation means oversight from an impartial 3rd party, which would preferably act to curb the exploitation of the loot box system by some greedy parties.

So seeing as everyone seems to agree that there are some offenders who are worse than others. This is why a regulatory body will work where a solid ban would not be nuanced enough.
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Old 12-10-17, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Tolemac View Post
^ this people can choose to boycott games/extra game content. That way it sends a clear message to the developers/publishers
That will never work as long as the casual gamer, inexperienced with game bugs, never addresses forums, has no clue on previous problems albeit identical, continues to pre-order.

There are gamers who love to talk about games like your average joe casual, then theres the games who love to "discuss" games like most users on here. Sadly, the casuals outnumber us and have no idea that they are the ones who can turn the tide back on to greedy developers and publishers.

The whole CS GO loot box thing is insane in my eyes, never played it, but I hear that there is a small chance to get some legendary dagger, which sells for $500 on the open market. Now that is what needs regulation, that type of gambling is what needs to be curbed.
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