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Old 13-02-18, 05:17 PM
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The 2200G is priced at £89.99 at Scan. Given this, I thought that the i3's would reduce in price in light of AMD's performance - but no, not yet anyway...

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Old 13-02-18, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by tinytomlogan View Post
That was never going to happen with VEGA now was it..... lol
TBH anything around the 1060 would be more than enough for any one*

*At 1080p with max settings.
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Old 14-02-18, 01:32 AM
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Has anyone checked to see if these are still clear of the compiler bug that was present in the first of the R7 launch?
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Old 20-02-18, 10:56 AM
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Got hold of an 2200G. HDMI 2.0 works fine, but no HDCP.

There is a ton of bugs. I use the Gigabyte x370 K7, with BIOS 21. There is no 2160p support with 18.10, as I cannot find a full sized package that includes the dashboard. 17.40 works but is known to be buggy.

Also, once in 2160p, it will not boot, unless I turn of my TV, during the reboot process. The BIOS is also gone. It sometimes help to re-plug the HDMI cable, but turning the TV on and off, is the solution.

There is also no means to disable power saving throttling, P-state clocking is broken, but if over clocking by p-states, the CPU clock is at least locked.

The SOC voltage for Ryzen was supposed, by Internet wisdom, to never go beyond 1.2V. But half the press is pushing that setting beyond belief, to clock the GPU. Probably late to the party, but what on earth is a safe setting for the SOC voltage?

There is a new GPU voltage as well, and on my board it needs to be raised as well, but what is considered safe?

The overclocks in the press are often at insane voltages, like 1.55v for the CPU.

As for my chip, it runs at 1.34-1.35V at 3.9GHz. Using 1.2V for both GPU settings, I get 1350MHz.

Also, the GFX needs clocking for even YouTube 2160p videos. I run mine at 1250MHz, and that is buttery smooth. Even websites are slow and hard to scroll, if running at 400MHz.

In short, this platform is immature. There will be both BIOS and driver updates, which are needed to make this a stable platform.

Also, my 32GB RAM, cannot run at 2933MHz, using this board and chip, but could so, on my old R7 1700. Performance at 2666MHz is the same as before.

To sum it up, the bug that will drive people nuts, is the black screen at reboot. Plenty of tubers reporting on that. Seems to be the issue of reverting back to 1080p once you enter 2160p, or probably any other resolution that 1080p. It is not the easiest bug to figure out.

Edit: The SOC voltage drops like a rock, even at medium line cal. It seems to drop up til about 0.8V, on my board, when clocking the GPU at 1300MHz.
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Old 15-03-18, 02:32 PM
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Anyone know if they're affected by these new nasty AMD flaws that affect the Ryzen/Epyc v1 chips - https://safefirmware.com/amdflaws_whitepaper.pdf
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Old 15-03-18, 02:52 PM
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Hell, the ORIGINAL Ryzen still has plenty of bugs as far as BIOSes go, so I don't know why anyone would assume the new chip would be stable. I used to think my Ryzen rig was stable at 3466/CL14 memory, but with the latest publicly available BIOS for the CH6 Hero (6001), I can't even BOOT with those settings anymore, so I have no idea what to think.

I'm even starting to lose faith in Asus, and I was a die hard Asus guy. I've had issues with the stupid motherboard lighting NOT shutting down on power off, and that's not AMDs fault. If the mighty Asus can't even fix THAT, over tons of beta BIOSes, I'm not sure what to think anymore.
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