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Old 21-03-19, 02:26 PM
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Monster Hunter World is getting a High Resolution Texture Pack and a New AA option

More options for Capcom's multiplayer RPG.

Read more about Monster Hunter World's High-Resolution Texture Pack for PC.

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Old 21-03-19, 03:57 PM
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I really don't get it why devs didn't implement hybrid AA being FXAA + other AA before... I've been doing this for ages by forcing FXAA trough NVIDIA Control Panel and then setting a different AA method wirhin the games. Its a no-brainer as FXAA deals no performance hits and you can get better AA with less performance impact by combining it with other AA methods instead of simply increasing the AA value.

Also this method often leads to perfect AA as I've come to notice many games won't be free of jagged edges even with maximum AA... There is a point of diminishing return by simoly increasing the level of MSAA CSAA or even TXAA when there will be ust a slight hint of AA that won't go away, but FXAA fixes that.
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Old 21-03-19, 06:22 PM
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Pretty nice, Although why this wasn't available from launch is a little confusing as the assets they use for textures etc... are already super high resolution which they then downsize to fit onto their platform of choice.
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