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AsRock A320M-HDV doesn't find UEFI files

I've got a bit of a strange issue where my motherboard can't find UEFI files no matter how I try to feed it them.

I've tried three different thumb drives and also gone through all the USB ports, including front panel ones. I even stuck them to EFI System Partition thinking it could scan that. I'm also aware that there's a certain path you need to take (P3.40 bridge BIOS first, then P5.50, then 5.90 but not 6.00 as it's not recommended when running older Ryzens - mine is 1600X). I've also tried just installing the next BIOS version from the one I've got, and also reinstalling the same version.

The sticks are also FAT32 formatted, tried both MBR and GPT partition tables.

I can briefly see Instant Flash iterate through the subfolders on my USB sticks, and then concluding with "No image file detected." I've tried using just the extracted files, just the ZIP files, and also extracting the BIOS files under subfolders with their name.

Any ideas? The Mobo has no option for updating over network either. I reckon I could use the improvement memory stability which newer AGESAs bring when my 3200MHz kit arrives.

Failure message:

EDIT: I am a big dumdum, the BIOSes are revision specific, so A320M-HDV Rev 4.0 page has the correct UEFI... And I'm already up to date.

i7 8700k - 16GB - 2060 FE - 512GB 970 & 850 EVO - AKG K702
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