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Old 16-07-19, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Emu View Post
I have a 1TB NVMe drive for my system drive and a 2TB SSD for data. Both drives cost me less then my first 1TB HDD lol

Unfortunately my 2TB data drive is actually almost full of games and I don't have that many installed :|
how many are you playing simultaneously ? :O

I cant imagine using up 2 TB. I don't even have that much space in total.

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Old 16-07-19, 09:21 AM
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I've got a 5TB HDD cached with RAID0 2.5" SSD array. That's almost full now. It's an old habit but I keep all my games on the HDD whenever possible. It stems from when I first moved away from consoles and disc based games. At the time my Internet was crap, so a game would take days to download. I kept as much of my library stored locally as I could so I could hop between my library the same way I did console games on my shelf.

To be honest, there's something rather satisfying about knowing I can turn on my PC and have hundreds of games at my fingertips ready to squash any urge I have without waiting for the download. It's also great for trying to find out what mood I'm in by hopping between various games quickly.
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