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Originally Posted by Gothmoth View Post
that is the thing. most reviews are not going very deep.

i can´t get a real idea about how stable a board is from a test that only lasts 2 days.

i am never first to buy something, i can wait and let things mature.
but in case of the ryzen build it did not really help.

or maybe i had to wait longer....

i am now in my 40s... 10-15 years back i did not mind to spend days to fix a problem on a new system, to work it out.

btw: please don´t mention VISTA... that was nearly as bad as win98 SE.

today i want my systems to run rock solid so i can spend my time working on the PC (3D creation, video creation, a bit of coding).
Forums like OCN are the best place to find those kind of results in my opinion. Reviewers don't have the time to test components in the way that consumers would actually use them. User reviews on the forums are where I personally look to for more thorough analysis' that's spread over a reasonable expanse of time. Reviews from guys like TTL and Guru3D will largely be positive for a motherboard, but go to the forums and you might see a different story. It's not the reviewers fault for not being able to spot an odd anomaly that only crops up after a while or is not a widespread issue.

I mean no offense by this, but in general I only read benchmark scores from reviewers because that's the main segment that I can't do myself. I rarely ever watch or read entire reviews. They're often the same and offer the same perspective as I would have already had or had already seen shared by others. I feel like most of TTL's motherboard and GPU reviews could be condensed as they are basically the same at this point, with the odd exception. If there are any anomalies then they could be discussed, but other than that I think it's pointless. In fact, big reviewers like Guru3D and TechPowerUp repeatedly copy/paste the same paragraphs for their reviews.

Many reviewers are just people who are given expensive components rather than buying them. That's it. They're not special. Guys like Anand might be an exception as he doesn't just have years of experience but actually has a degree in computer engineering. That's not to suggest that Tom or whoever else doesn't because I don't know, but if I had the money I would buy every component and test it all just for fun. Would that make me special? No, not particularly. You might want to take my word more seriously than if I had less experience, but ultimately somebody else could quite easily come to the same conclusion without spending millions on hardware.

It's the same thing with famous musicians and the gear they use. Manufacturers praise these musicians claiming that they know 'tone' better than others and build them specialised equipment. But the truth is, I know 'tone' just as well as they do. In fact, I care more about it more than some of them do because they're more busy playing to thousands of people and earning a fortune. So the main difference is, they play better than I do and were in the right place at the right time. However, these musicians don't have exclusive rights to their craft. Anyone can come along and challenge them. I know musicians who are far better than the average 10,000 seat gigger. But their mum is an alcoholic and he was never given the opportunity to show the world his mastery. So only a few thousand on YouTube have ever seen it and will ever see it.

And there are other examples of this problem spanning multiple areas. Sports and fitness is a prime example.

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Old 19-06-17, 09:44 PM
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what chipset temps do you have with this board?

the rig i build for my friend has 60-65 grad celsius on idle, if i believe what software tells me.
i think that is a bit high for chipset temps ... not?

but i guess this is a wrong measurement.

i manually measured the VRM with a probe and that is ~50 grad celsius under load.
normaly the hottest part of a mobo beside the CPU right?
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