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Ya know, when I hear stories like Aliens, I think I understand witch burnings back in the old days. That stuff never really made sense to me until I discovered how truly evil some women can be.

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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Dear god, why are some people so spiteful and horrible? seriously.

So about six weeks ago I tried to speak to my ex wife. It ended in more arguing, the end result of which was that she told me to f**k off. So I decided to honour her wish, and never speak to her again unless it was about her stuff etc.

So yeah, didn't hear from her in about four to five weeks. Nothing, nada. I was hoping she had moved on, maybe found another sucker.

Any way, at first she was like "I will put your bank details/debit cards into the accounts in my name. Power, phone, internet". So she does that. Then she says that she no longer trusts me.

Then on Friday she emails me asking if she can come and take microwave ETC. I say yes, but was busy on Friday. In the end I allowed to her to into the flat in my absence and take some things.

Saturday night she sends me this love letter wrapped around a brick. "Oh I still love you, miss you, could smell you etc etc" then she goes "But you were a crap husband" and so on. Back handed compliment as usual. Can't say anything truly nice, can't be truly nice.

So I reply saying that basically I am very happy now and do not want to reconcile at all. I just want to live my life as I am etc etc.

This has annoyed her. So much so that firstly she tried to have the gas and power cut off and removed me from all of her accounts so I could not remove my bank details, then she tried getting the internet and phone cut off.

And she somewhat succeeded. Whilst the power company told her to get bent (I've now switched that into my name) the phone company (Plusnet) can not do anything.

Now see, I wouldn't be so annoyed and upset. But about 10 days ago I arranged the switchover to another ISP and phone, switching over her account in her name into my mother's name. I even forwarded the confirmation email onto my ex, showing her the switch over date (3rd August, next Thurs).

However, my ex just got angrier over the weekend and has spent two hours on the phone to Plusnet today making absolutely certain that it was cut off. The reason? Well first of all Origin (the new ISP) can not switch the account. This means it bounces. It then takes up to 30 days with no internet or phone before they contact BT when it takes up to another 30 days to arrange a new line, total extra cost £100.

I was *FURIOUS*. Absolutely could have smashed her belongings to bits. In fact it is a good thing I am over my mother's house or her dad'd grandfather clock would have got it. I'm serious.

So I am now in a big panic. I desperately need my phone etc. So I phone BT, asking them what the deal is. They tell me the line is still active. The kill date is the 8th. Told them I was disabled and desperately needed phone and net, signed up with BT. £43 a month (a bit more) but, they are connecting the new line *ON* the cut off date so I will not be without anything.

So I win. However, it's made me so stressed and ill (I've been on the c**ting phone all c**ting day) that I just got up to go pee and fainted.

Trying to calm down now

But yeah, how can you do things like that to another human being? I can't do spite, I just can't. It sickens me just thinking about it.
I'm really sorry to hear about all that crap, mate. It's so amazing to know that someone who professes to love you would put you through such heartache. Just keep breathing deep into your belly and let whatever negative thoughts that come into your head pass by like a silent fart on a breezy day.
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FFS. Just as I had calmed down after passing out earlier and had a really lovely dinner BT call. They negated to tell me there was a £130 connection charge. I outright refused to pay it and told him to go and listen to the call. The bit where the salesman who tucked me up said "That's not a problem ! we will connect your line back up on the same day so that you don't lose any service !".

F*****g sharks. I hate this world. I absolutely despise it.
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