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Old 25-04-21, 12:40 PM
joey117 joey117 is offline
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Custom Radiator

Does anyone know a company that make Tiny custom radiator

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Old 25-04-21, 01:47 PM
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Not sure about fully custom but you could try 1 of the many from Alphacool, they go from 40mm to 400+mm.

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Old 26-04-21, 03:04 PM
joey117 joey117 is offline
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i am looking to try and get a full Custom Radiator for a ghost s1
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Old 11-05-21, 06:34 AM
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you could try searching google for radiator shops near you and see if they have anything or can get you something that would work. you might find that a radiator from an industrial application or automotive application would work for what you need.

i did a quick google search (radiator shop Northern Ireland) and it came back with a few options and one did even say they can make radiators. if they can't help search for radiator repairs shop and see if they can/would make you a custom radiator.

short of that you could make your own by buying a copper core (expensive id guess), some sheet copper to fold up for the end tanks and soldering them on to the core. may people like Alphacool are still making full copper radiators which you modify
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