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Buying latest and greatest isn't sensible financially, in most games you'll do just as well with a 9700k or even 9600k. Your current AMD rig works fine as well, though won't push quite as high frame rates - at least until Ryzen 2, which would possibly be an affordable upgrade.

Similarly I'd probably buy 2070 or 2080, even for 1440p g-sync and drop settings to High instead of ultra. The difference in detail isn't massive nowadays.

But if money is no object, by all means go for 9900k and 2080 Ti. You'll have the best available gear for a year, and it'll be good for 5 years I'd say. Probably even longer, since even if the trend is supporting more cores, that just means spreading largely the same load more efficiently between the cores. CPU load wise games haven't come that much more demanding, but nowadays PC gamers aim for 120fps+ instead of 60fps.

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Originally Posted by mikedf View Post
if I will buy one 2080 Ti for 1440p 2k 27 size resolution 2560x1440 g-sync ips panel with one very good cpu 9900k example how much will hold me for to play games in ultra settings and 60 fps;; 2 or 3 years or less;;

also ,one 9900k will can handle all the games for the next 3 years ;; because it is 8 core
You'll be running games fine for the next 5 - 7 years on that build.
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