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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
It's not over priced. Even though it's honkingly expensive it's not over priced. Find me another one, you can't. Without that datum the whole logic is flawed. Yes you can build a similar PC or Hackintosh but at the end of the day this is one of one.

As for snobbery? rubbish. We all like nice things. We all also want the best we can have. That's not snobbery it's just nice to have. Originally specced as it was per the service tag my Alienware Area 51 ALX (2009 model) would have cost ten grand. I know I've done at least a couple of grand on it myself, if not more. Not because I am greedy or a snob but simply because I like having nice things.

Most see that as working toward something and it being an achievement.
Sorry dude, it is snobbery when it comes to Macs, and uneducated, ill-informed snobbery at that. I've lost count of how many times I've been snubbed, laughed at and outright refused jobs in interviews because I dare suggest that PCs can match Macs for a fraction of the cost, and I'm somehow not a professional because I "don't use a Mac". Yet the second I rock up to an interview or a production meeting with my Macbook Air suddenly it's all good.

It's so ingrained in education too. So many media students came through my previous media production employer to get industry experience and they scoffed because we didn't use Final Cut Pro on a Mac, despite me demonstrating my Adobe Premiere CS5 suites with a Quadro CX absolutely ripped apart their Mac Pros. And then they came crawling back looking to use our kit because the university would rather buy too few systems for their students just because they're Macs (and creative professionals only use Macs, of course) rather than properly spend their budget to equip and support every student by getting equally-performant (or even better) PCs.

I even took my little Asteria round to a friend to help her with some editing. Silverstone SG05 modded to fit the original GTX Titan and ran Adobe Premiere in CUDA mode. Tiny thing the size of a shoebox crushed her £3,000 Macbook Pro "that you need if you're a professional".

It's a joke.

It's all s and giggles until somebody giggles and s
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