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Old 30-12-12, 07:21 PM
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Need some help on watercooling parts :)

Hi! Im making my first watercooling build now, as I've had some sort of leakagephobia that stopped me.

I'm now planning for a new build where im going to concentrate more on the designing part of the computer than I'm used to and as I said earlier, introduce watercooling. The build is going to have an Asus ROG Maximus V Formula with an i7-3770K and 2 GTX 680's in SLI. So i am basicly wondering how to pull this of, without it taking an insane amount of place in the chassi. I cant be to precise on how big the components can be, as I'm still not sure exactly on how im going to build the case.

The only things I have decided are that there are going to be 2 separate cooling systems. Beacuse of different liquid colors (as i said earlier, this is going to have a huge focus on design). I am pretty sure the best solution is processor + MB in one system and the GPU's in the other, but I would still love if anyone could verify it for me

The 680's are the reference ones from MSI. And i am not going to overclock the CPU. But i would like to have cooling performance so if i change my mind, i can bump it up to about 4-4.2 GHz.

Im going with clear tubing and one system blue color, the other one orange.
Also, if you are giving me suggestions on any parts, you do not have to worry about the cost! I'm more interested in having performance with small parts, than performance with cheap parts. Unless you suggest a radiator for 5000 pounds... beacuse that would be a problem

I don't know if there's any more specs/info i need to write, if so, just ask me to add it. Lastly, I want to justify my potential spelling mistakes, as im not from an english speaking country, and i did not have the time to use google translate, sorry.

Im VERY gratefull for all the respons and help i get, though im not a good writer, so it's possible i may seem rude or ignorant in the text, but it is not my intention.

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Old 30-12-12, 09:10 PM
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Have you already bought the parts? You are building the case yourself, right? If so, we need some information about the design, otherwise it's impossible to give you any advice on the wc loop
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Old 30-12-12, 10:07 PM
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Sorry, i should have figured that out myself. The hardware is not bought yet. And i wouldn't say the hardware is cut in stone either, I'm still able to change it.

I have place for a 240mm radiator front, 280mm slim radiator in the top, but im planning to use two case fans there, 140mm in the bottom, and 140mm in the back.

I have 3 5,25'' bays free right above the 240mm front that arent there, so there's free space for reservoir or pump.

I used the fractal design define xl 2 when i took measurments beacuse i have that chassi for my current build and im really liking it.
So everything inside of the chassi is the same meassuerments, except there only exists two 5,25'' (the two top one). And there are no HDD cages at all. The PSU placement is also drawn back a bit, so the bottom 140mm wont be affected by the PSU.


Except that, the only things that are internaly identical to the above linked case, is some wiring for leds that conects to one of the internal usb's, and a side window.

The full hardware specs as of now:

Asus ROG Maximus V Formula
i7-3770K 3,5 GHz
Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 MHz 32GB (4x8)
2 GTX 680 (Reference)
Corsair AX 1200i
4 Samsung SSD Pro Basic 840-series 512GB
Asus SATA Bluray Reader BC12B1ST
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components, design, watercooling

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