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Old 11-11-20, 06:30 PM
john007 john007 is offline
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10900k + z490-e rog strix Over problem!

I dont put stable at 5.1GHZ all core, with less than 1.33 llc6...
With cinebench r20 with 91c n some cores.

With a 850w xfx gold modular
1 stick of generic ram ( 8gb )
lian li galahad 360 AIO
( without gpu, dont have come yet )

Can i let this way? or is so much Vcore?
With settings i have do put in bios? do make better overclock?
Can i put Vcore manual to UV the cpu, but still taking intel performance? (5.3 on 2 core )?


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Old 01-03-21, 09:20 AM
Etihad Etihad is offline
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your temps are more important than vcore. As long as your temps are fine it doesn't really matter with regards to voltage. Heat is the cpu killer not voltage.
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