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Old 20-12-20, 11:46 AM
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OC3D Games of the Generation Thread

It's the end of another year and the end of an entire console generation.

This thread is about what your favourite games of this console generation were. So anything from 2013 until now is fair game.

All platforms are fair game (PCs consoles and mobile), so feel free to talk about console exclusives and if certain mods took some of your PC games to the next level, feel free to mention them too.

I'll post my own list on this thread later, as I need more time to think about it.

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Old 20-12-20, 02:03 PM
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God of War and Spiderman were the 2 standouts for me.
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Old 20-12-20, 04:39 PM
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Witcher 3 with Halk Hogan's HD Rework mod continues to be incredible!
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Old 20-12-20, 05:58 PM
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For consoles, even though I don't own one, I have to figure Horizon Zero Dawn would be on the list. On PC, that game dropped my jaw on multiple occasions, and I would actually get killed due to stopping to admire the view, only to get attacked and knocked off a cliff or something.
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Old 20-12-20, 06:12 PM
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Witcher 3, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman, AC Valhalla/Odyssey, Forza Horizon 4, TW Warhammer, M&B Bannerlord, and can't think of anything else at the moment.

Was a great generation overall. Towards the middle/end lots of remasters so I don't really count those.
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Old 20-12-20, 07:34 PM
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Witcher 3 obviously, ffvii remake, getting to play shenmue 3, Braid an amazing puzzle game, Portal, black desert online played a ton of that, diablo 3 when it was good, Resident evil 2 remake.

Most likely many more I could mention but they came to mind, as for the best experience not finished the game yet Half Life: Alyx really is an amazing game ok if it was a normal game it would be pretty easy but in VR it's a really nice experience, enjoyed what I've played of that so far at times too far from my own reality and living in the world, I'm sure the valve Index is an awesome piece of kit, but the rift S I got plays it really really well and only one cable nothing else to think about. A must have VR game I'd find it hard to say get VR unless you were going to get that, sure beat saber is fun and no doubt some of the others I have, but half life for some of us is an important series and they done a very good job with it
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Old 20-12-20, 08:36 PM
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Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. I guess this game came along when I needed to ease my way back into gaming. Not released, came along. I had no idea it existed until about a year ago. Loved every minute. Very relaxing yet hugely interesting game.

Beyond Two Souls. Again, this was a console game but was redone for PC. Again it was very slowly paced. Not even really a game, more of an interactive story like the above. However, it was still captivating and I was desperate to complete it.

SOTTR. I finally got around to this after easing my way back into gaming this year. Fantastic game, so much better than ROTTR. Didn't have the annoying features and thus I saw it through to the end.

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Old 22-12-20, 11:54 AM
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Hmm, it's hard to think over all the games from such a long time ago. These games are in no particular order.

Cities: Skylines
Total War Warhammer Series
Civilization VI (V was from 2010)(Still unsure which I prefer...)
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Great Game)
Rocket League (Tonnes of fun)
Golf With Your Friends (great fun with friends online, especially during lockdown)
GTA V (PC)(It did release on last-gen, but it did come to PC in 2015)
Devil May Cry 5
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
Darkest Dungeon
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Old 22-12-20, 12:47 PM
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In no particular order:

Persona 5 - The best JRPG of the generation. Absolutely stellar story, characters, sound, and art style. Even if you're not a JRPG fan, give it a shot if you can.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - The best JRPG on the Switch. See the same points as Persona but the characters tend to be fan service which knocks it down a little, but it's still a brilliant game nonetheless.

Papers, Please - Incredible indie game that takes something completely mundane and puts a spin on it that is as engaging as it is intruiging. Glory to Arstotzka.

Cities Skylines - Took what made SimCity great and rolled while EA systematically ruined it. Also has some of the best modding community in gaming.

Elite Dangerous - See Yahtzee's review, he puts it better than anyone.

Life is Strange - I didn't like the ending but the world, characters, story, and soundtrack worms its way into you and takes you on a nostalgia trip to your teenhood and stomps on your heart whenever it can. But it is definitely a game you can only experience once.

Runners up:
Metro Exodus - While a fantastic game in itself, it don't look fondly as I do 2033 and Last Light. It just didn't feel like Metro. But it did feel like Metro crossed with Stalker.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Has the foundations to be the best Flight Sim ever made, but it's just so rough in areas it felt like a beta test when it launched
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