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Old 11-01-19, 02:42 PM
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Select Boot Device on Startup

Some strange things have been happening with my PC of late and I wondered if any of you have some solutions I can try: -

About two weeks ago I turned my PC on and was greeted with "Select boot device", almost like there wasn't a working hard drive present or it had been missed by the motherboard? If I then press the reset button the same thing occurs, but holding down the power button and starting again will always boot into Windows without this issue?

I'm not sure if its linked or not but since I updated Corsair iCUE, my H115i has stopped being detected so i can't change any of the lights and other features?

All this seemed to coincide with the various updates that Windows had been installing.

Some specs though: -

Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5
Ryzen 1600X
Samsung SSD 960
Corsair RM850x

Would having a stab at updating the BIOS help? I've only done this once just after I booted the PC up for the first time.

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Old 11-01-19, 03:17 PM
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I'd personally update BIOS and see if it fixes anything, but when you're experiencing instability it's definitely a bit risky. If the update goes tits up you've got an expensive brick.

If I were to guess it's nVME being still a bit new on consumer hardware and not initialisating properly on every boot. And that's definitely within the scope of a BIOS update. Gigabyte's website doesn't mention nVME specifically but it does mention AGESA version upgrades, which might include such fixes. But it's only a guess. :P
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