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I'm not attacking the US health care system by the way, I understand many of its operational differences are out of necessity rather than choice as obviously it's a very different place(I think the same about guns for reference, while I'd never be in favour of unregulated guns being introduced to a country with a functional regulated system already in place I think attempting to take them away and introduce powerful regulatory infrastructure in a place like America is pretty much doomed to fail). I also don't blanket oppose all outsourcing in a large company like the NHS, there are many elements like architecture/design of the hospitals and maintenance elements and many more areas where outsourcing to private companies could viably save money(And often does, as of course no health system is 100% nationalised), but when it comes to the actual doctors, nurses, surgeons, specialists & social care elements(Amognst many other critical areas in the handling of patients) I think the risks privatisation introduces is never worth the purported benefits.

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