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Old 26-10-17, 03:24 PM
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ASUS ROG Chimera G703 Gaming Laptop Review

If you've grown weary of laptops that promise gaming performance but don't deliver, then perhaps the ROG G703 will be exactly the thing you're seeking.

ASUS ROG Chimera G703 Gaming Laptop Review

If you recommend a product LINK THE REVIEW

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Old 26-10-17, 04:23 PM
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Great review TTL. Having spent a lot of time with the Alienware 17 with a similar high end spec and then the MSI GT75VR the Chimera seems very interesting.

The cooling system looks very good im glad the Asus has separate cooling fans and heat pipes for both the cpu and gpu. It sound like at 96c the cooling solution is doing a good job of keeping the 7820hk under control. I suspect with better thermal paste and a slight undervolting you could probably get <90c overclocked. The price is about what I would have expected. I just hope that the EU gets 2 years rather than the paltry 1 year asus offers on some of their higher end laptops.

How was the panel? was there any flex in it? Did it look great? How did it sound?
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Old 26-10-17, 05:24 PM
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Panel looked amazing, no flex (as I mentioned) and it sounded as good as you'd expect a high end laptop to sound.
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Old 26-10-17, 05:39 PM
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Not bad at all for a gaming laptop, very impressed given that it's a desktop GPU. Kudos Asus.
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Old 26-10-17, 05:49 PM
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I had a ROG laptop once and it was a work of art. Seriously, just massively over engineered in every aspect.
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Old 03-11-17, 05:16 PM
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96C CPU temp brings up a lot of questions. But before this let's consider the previous flagship, the G701VIK. That one had 7820HK CPU too. When running 4.3 GHz even during the most CPU intensive gaming (BF1, ROTTR) it maxed out at 84C with turbo fan. So this brings up the question, why does the Chimera with better cooling have higher CPU temp?
A ) did you run the CPU 4.3 GHz clocked ?
B ) were you gaming or running synthetic tests ?
C ) were you using auto fan or turbo fan? I

If you got 96c in Games with turbo fan and noncpu oc then your review unit is defective and needs a repaste.

However if CPU temp is around 80C running the most CPU intensive games at 4.3 GHz, then the CPU temp is perfectly normal.

Please add this information to the review because it is too important to leave out and can be a deal breaker for people considering this laptop.
I assume you dont test gaming laptops very often, so this was a good experience for the reviewer.
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Old 03-11-17, 05:22 PM
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Also, why did you not post detailed Aida information about the screen panel? Why leave out the most important information enthusiasts are waiting for? You had nda or you just "forgot"?
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